Historical Review
Mr. Juan Buezas came from Villalonga, Spain, in 1929. He arrived to Ushuaia and bought some lands full of water where he would construct his own business
The bar has been established since 1951, under the name “Ideal”. Its bedrooms were enlarged and repaired. Then many people started to go there, like the governor with his family, and officers of the naval base.
There was just one cook who had been doing the same job at jail before.

Starters as cold chicken, patties or pizzas were served as the special dishes of the place. There was excellent seafood to fill the patties.
Spider crab was served fresh or preserved. It is an appreciated dish in the whole world because of its incomparable taste.
This place became famous and many movies were shot there. In 1982, on October the 12th, it was declared architectural value building.
Lots of family events were celebrated there.
Its installations remember so many moments shared with thousands of visitors from different countries who came to enjoy their free time here. They carried with them a piece of southern life in their hearts when they left the Bar.

More history
It is a typical house from the beginnings of the century, made of wood, insulated with newspaper and metal sheets.

The materials used for its construction were mainly fabricated in England, that is the reason why its style is notably English.

The Bar was constructed with regional wood (lenga) and zinc in the outside. It has not changed in the course of time what shows the fidelity of those materials.
It is designed to receive tourists without modifying its original structure.

It could be described as a Store Bar. It had only one bathroom because the place was frequented just by men who found refuge and relief to the bad climatic conditions of the winter of Tierra del Fuego. During the seventies, the municipality ordered to construct another restroom for women.
In the early years, Mr. Juan Buezas used to live in the house which had a gorgeous living room, between San Martin Street and Roca Street, where He prepared and sold typical food and drinks, which arrived on barrels, by ship.

It had an antique parlor stove where the parishioners dried their clothes that were soaked because of the cold and rough winter of Tierra del Fuego. It was harsher than the current weather.

It was a meeting place, visited by governors, mayors, villagers, artists and even the convicts who swept the streets used to go there to enjoy eating, drinking and having a nice talk.

The Bar was divided into two parts: the current access, to the principal room and a lateral closed door to a little store where there were European products such as Italian olive oil or Spanish sardines, they all were brought by ships.

Since the Bar was founded, newcomers resorted to Mr. Juan Buezas to ask for help to stay in this city with her families and to get a job.

The “Bar Ideal” gave always shelter to the newcomers until they could find the way to live in this city. Many people are so grateful to Mr. Buezas because of his support. In other places, the owners do not have this kind of attitudes.

In those years, the bar just sold drinks such as whisky, grappa or wines. Once two young guys came and asked for a soda, so Mr. Buezas answered them: “Soda is not allowed here, you can just drink wine, if you do not like it, you can go away”. Mr. Buezas, who was respected and loved by his neighbors, used those ways because he normally talked with people from different social classes.

Nowadays it belongs to Rey family.
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